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When choosing the "Click to Purchase" tab you agree to the following requirements:

  1. You must order a minimum of 3 (three) cubic yards or tons (cumulative)
  2. Only order a maximum of 10 cubic yards of soils OR a maximum of 14 cubic yards of compost per order. If you need more than 10 cubic yards of soils or 14 cubic yards of compost, please place a second order.

  3. How much soil do you need?
    Garden Size (sq. ft.): 
    (See the Area Calculator if you're not sure about this)
    You will need:
    2-cubic-foot bags or
    3-cubic-foot bags or
    cubic feet or
    cubic yards or
    pickup truck loads (midsize)
  4. When choosing the "Split Load" tab (which is for 2 products delivered in one delivery load)
    • only order a maximum of 9 cubic yards of mulch
    • only order a maximum of 3 cubic yards of soil
    • only order a maximum of 5 cubic yards of compost
    • only order a maximum of 3 tons of stone type materials
  5. If your dump location is other than the rear outside corner of the driveway, or in front of a garage door, you must clearly mark the dump location with a cone, bucket, recycle bin, trashcan, wheelbarrow, sidewalk chalk, etc.
  6. Your driveway width or clearance needs to be 9 feet. The sides of the driveway cannot have overgrown hedges, trees or bushes.
  7. When detailing the dump or delivery area you must:
    • Choose a flat or level paved area. Slightly pitched is ok; as well as just off perimeter edge of driveway is usually ok.
    • Have an alternate dump area in mind if asked.
    • Please try to select a dump area which is free of overhead branches and wires. Our dump truck body is about 15 feet high.
    • If you require an off pavement dump, you should not order on-line, but call the office to discuss. If we accept your request, we will always honor on-line pricing.

Thank you very much for your attention to these important delivery details.


Click here to view our delivery charges by town / zip code.


$38.00 per yard
Comes from Chester County residential construction sites. Tested by Penn State University & approved for grass growing. Our best product for raising yard elevations, filling small holes, yard repairs and growing grass.

$49 per yard
Screened with 30% topsoil & 70% mushroom compost
Great for vegetable gardens, flower and shrub beds. Lots of organic soil nutrients for accelerated plant growth. Best for raising beds, creating new beds & amending existing soil. Lighter weight soil for faster & longer root growth.

$22 per yard
Unscreened sub-soil used to fill in larger & deeper holes, raise entire yard areas, & also around foundations to raise elevation & prevent rain water infiltration. Should be covered with approximately 3" of topsoil if you want to grow grass.

$49 per yard
Seasoned unscreened compost. Excellent for adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil. Neutral pH.

$12.00 per bale
Used to cover grass seed. Holds in moisture for seed germination. One bale of straw covers approximately 300-400 square feet.



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