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Ordering Requirements

When completing a purchase, you agree to the following requirements:

  • You must order a minimum of 3 (three) cubic yards or tons (cumulative)
  • Only order the following maximums per order:
    • 20 yards of any mulch product
    • 10 cubic yards of any soil
    • 14 cubic yards of any compost
    • 10 tons of any stone-type product

Our checkout page will automatically review these calculations and adjust the shipping charge to reflect your order size  

If you are looking for more than one product - we can delivery two products in a single order using our split load trucks. below are the order size guideline 

  • 9 cubic yards of mulch
  • 3 cubic yards of soil
  • 5 cubic yards of compost
  • 3 tons of stone-type materials

Please watch our video below on how to prepare for your delivery  

If your dump location is other than the rear outside corner of the driveway or in front of a garage door, you must clearly mark the dump location with a cone, bucket, recycle bin, trashcan, wheelbarrow, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Your driveway width or clearance needs to be 9 feet. The sides of the driveway cannot have overgrown hedges, trees, or bushes.

When detailing the dump or delivery area, you must:

  • Choose a flat or level paved area. Slightly pitched is okay, as well as just off the perimeter edge of the driveway.
  • Have an alternate dump area in mind if asked.
  • Please try to select a dump area that is free of overhead branches and wires (our dump truck body is about 15 feet high).

If you require an off-pavement dump, you should not order online but call the office to discuss. If we accept your request, we will always honor online pricing.

Thank you very much for your attention to these important delivery details.


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